Capital Campaign Update 11/28

Dear BCS Parents and Supporters, 

Borculo Christian School is not merely built of bricks and mortar but woven from dreams and aspirations of a quality Christian education for the students and surrounded by steadfast prayers. 

Over the past year and a half, our Board of Borculo Christian School embarked on a journey of growth, seeking God’s divine guidance on the path forward for our school.

Questions swirled like leaves in the autumn wind—doubts, fears, hopes, and aspirations mingling in the discussions. Yet, amid this flurry, there was a collective energy after each meeting, a shared encouragement and determination to stride forward.

We discussed, “Is this the right time? Are we aligned with the mission and vision of BCS? How do we share the word and when?” These ponderings echoed through the boardroom, filled with uncertainty.

But in these moments of doubt, faith prevailed. Prayers interwoven with discussions, seeking wisdom. Sometimes, I feel like Gideon asking for sign after sign from God, praying that His anger does not burn against me for having little faith.

Nights of restlessness met mornings of unexpected revelations—a devotion speaking directly to my soul, nudging towards steadfastness amid doubt. 

Challenges, once looming, began to dissipate; concerns over the septic system found the unexpected resolution and doubts over fundraising negatively impacting the auction were dispelled by a record-breaking night of support from our community.

Recently, uncertainty lingered about the timing and when to start the professional services. We decided to take a breath to seek divine alignment in the year-end giving campaign. 

Then, within the next few days, a cascade of unexpected blessings ensued. Calls and donations poured in, weaving a tapestry of hope. As of this morning, November 28th, $370,000 has been raised towards the challenge! God is working in the community’s hearts, rising to meet a $400,000 match.

The symphony of generosity didn’t stop there. An alumnus’ grandparent, unaware of the campaign, had never donated to Borculo Christian School prior, was not on our mailing or call list, and was inspired by God to elevate the challenge to new heights. They unexpectedly called to discuss year-end giving, and I was gifted the opportunity to share with them about our capital campaign, the mission and vision of BCS, the quality Christ-centered Biblical education happening in every classroom, and that outstanding team that gets the chance to work with our students daily. I could share with them about our year-end giving campaign and how I felt we were about to meet it before December. They felt called to help us reach new heights and are now supporting us with an additional $100,000 for year-end giving, which is being matched by others. This brings our total matching challenge to $500,000, a beacon of hope for our cause. 

See, what makes this story even more inspiring for me is just five months ago, the Board had prayed for a $500,000 matching gift to launch the campaign. Today, it stood fulfilled against all odds and to no one’s credit but God’s.

In these moments, it wasn’t just the funds raised—it was the embodiment of a community’s faith. This is a testament to the belief that in the journey of growth and vision, God’s divine guidance leads us to where we are called to be and when we are called to be there. 

The mountain ahead may still cast shadows of uncertainty, but within the hearts of those gathered in our community, there’s a newfound certainty—an unspoken understanding that in prayer, discussion, and unforeseen blessings from God, the journey continues guided by Him.

Please pray and consider supporting BCS in your year-end giving. Please prayerfully consider helping us reach our capital campaign goal of $3.5 million.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Brent Nienhuis, our board president, or me to learn more about the future of Borculo Christian School.

May His love endure for generations to come at Borculo Christian School. 

Go Bobcats,

Chris Sievers