Borculo Christian School Capital Campaign

Hello Borculo Christian School Supporter,


It is a wonderful privilege to be a member of a community that deeply loves God and strives to instill that same passion in the next generation. Borculo Christian is blessed to have a community that backs its mission of offering everyone a high-quality Biblical education.

Thank you for taking the time to review this material. Our school board has spent the past year working on developing a strategic plan to ensure that we can continue providing a quality Christ-centered education to families who partner with Borculo Christian School. We love our school and community and are committed to maintaining this fantastic community.

Thank you and God Bless,

Chris Sievers

BCS Administrator

Mission of Borculo Christian School

The mission of Borculo Christian School is to provide our students with a quality Christ-centered education that allows them to develop their abilities to serve Christ and others.

History of Borculo Christian

1950 – The Borculo Christian School Society began

1951 – Borculo Christian School Bussing Committee provided bussing to Allendale Christian School

1953 – A Building Fund Began for a Christian School in Borculo

1956 – Current land donated and building began

1957 – Borculo Christian School started with 97 students

1961- New addition (Two classrooms) enrollment of 157 students

1978 – Gym and Lobby added

1995 – Middle School Addition, Library, teachers lounge, Commons, 3 classrooms

1995 – Art and Music room addition 235 students

2005 – Bus barn built

2007 – Facilities upgrade – New boiler, underground sprinkling, ball field grading, new well, and new drainage – 103 students

2008-2013 – K-8 enrollment dipped to 90-100 students

2016 – Entrance and Office Addition – 160 students

Borculo Christian Growth

2015 – 2016 Enrollment 160

2016 – 2017 Enrollment 175

2017 – 2018 Enrollment 194

2018 – 2019 Enrollment 203

2019 – 2020 Enrollment 223

2020 – 2021 Enrollment 223

2021 – 2022 Enrollment 254

2022 – 2023 Enrollment 284

2023 – 2024 Enrollment 298

Projected 2024-2025 Enrollment 303

Projected 2025-2026 Enrollment 305

Projected 2026-2027 Enrollment 312

Where is the growth from?

The values of our school remain rooted in God’s word. 

Our commitment is to provide a high-quality Biblical education to every student.

The population of Ottawa County is rapidly growing, with a significant increase in adults aged 20-34.

Who Are We?

The Vision of Borculo Christian School.

To encourage all students to grow and mature fully in Christ by integrating Biblical truths and principles into all areas of learning.

To provide students, staff, and administration with the necessary facilities and resources to achieve excellence in all academic disciplines.

To exercise good stewardship of God-given resources to make education at Borculo Christian School affordable for all.

To be a place where Christ’s love is reflected through Borculo Christian School to the people in our Community.

Where Are We Going?

Our school board aims to maintain a small Christian school and envisions having two sections for each grade, as well as a high-quality early childhood program.

Guiding Principles of the 2023-2024 Capital Campaign

The Borculo Christian School board has made an important decision that will impact the future of our community. They have begun a strategic journey and have carefully chosen the guiding principles to pave the way for this capital campaign. This step taken by the board will provide a roadmap for the school’s future.

We are fully committed to providing quality Biblical education and dedicated to the growth and development of our students. 

We are thrilled to embark on this endeavor, and we extend an invitation to you to join us in our shared vision. Our desire is to provide our students with a quality, Christ-centered education that enables them to develop their abilities to serve Christ and the community.

Guiding Principle #1

Provide Borculo Christian School Families with a Roadmap for the Future.

Guiding Principle #2

All decisions made will be in accordance with the mission and vision of Borculo Christian School.

Guiding Principle #3

The process will involve checkpoints to ensure effective communication and approval from the school community.

Guiding Principle #4

We will ensure the preservation of Borculo Christian School’s core values, culture, and community.

Understanding the Problem

The process of expansion analysis and design discovery is a dynamic process.

As we progressed further into the process, we found ourselves at the crossroads of creativity and data-driven insights.

The Borculo Christian School board assessed current facility constraints and usage to determine future needs.

Brent Nienhuis, Board President for 23/24, presents the findings in a two-part video series.

Facilities Master Plan

  • Maintain one campus
  • Maintain one building
  • The facility fits on the current site or lots adjacent to the north.
  • The master layout works to accommodate incremental additions as needs arise.
  • Proper parking to accommodate future site layout
  • Proper traffic flow to accommodate future site layout
  • Proper outdoor space allocation for athletic fields and playground space
  • Total space breakdown to accommodate two classes per grade and early childhood.
  • Consideration of child care space to support BCS community

Phase 1

In Phase 1, we will resize the building to match our current needs. This strategic decision to resize our school building is crucial to ensure that our educational environment is optimized for our present needs and that future developments are not hindered.

By carefully evaluating and adjusting the physical infrastructure to align with the demands of our student population, we are fostering an environment for learning and growth. This allows us to not only accommodate the unique needs of our students but also to enhance the educational support services that are vital to our student’s success.

Centralizing our administrative offices serves as the cornerstone of our forward-looking vision. This streamlined approach not only maximizes operational efficiency but also positions us favorably for future development and expansion. It lays the groundwork for efficient use of our administrative offices, enabling us to allocate resources where they are most needed.

We recognize that right-sizing our school building, optimizing educational support services, and centralizing our offices are not just strategic choices; they are essential to the realization of our educational mission and our commitment to providing a quality Christ-centered education for current and future generations of students.

Please note that all images and renderings are for conceptual purposes only and may not be the final product.

Phase 1 Timeline

Phase 1 Project Budget

September – October 2023

Validate Site Work Budget

December 2023

Approval to proceed with professional services

January – April 2024


September 2024 – August 2025

Begin Construction

Building addition/Renovation Scope

8,610 square foot addition

Misc Renovation Work

$2,125,000 – $247 / square foot

Site Work Scope

Parking lot/Bus loop/Building addition/Detention pond


Septic Allowance Scope

The current septic is for 250 persons

Upgrade to a septic for 450-600 persons

$100,000 allowance

Professional Services Allowance Scope

Geotechnical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Architecture, Interior Design

$125,000 allowance

Additional Items Scope

AV equipment, Card access/security, Fixtures, furniture, school equipment




Providing a Roadmap for Future Generations

At Borculo Christian School, we stand at the threshold of an exciting future brimming with possibilities.

The school board is committed to creating a comprehensive plan that sustains the institution and helps staff achieve the school’s mission.

In recognizing the need for potential future additions, we are committed to ensuring that our facilities evolve with the changing needs of our students and the educational landscape. These future additions are more than bricks and mortar; they represent a tangible investment in the education and well-being of future generations. These new spaces will foster innovation, enable expanded opportunities for learning, and accommodate the diverse needs of our growing student body.

By undertaking the responsibility of shaping this roadmap, our school board is demonstrating a profound dedication to the longevity of providing a quality Christ-centered education at Borculo Christian School.

We envision a future where our institution remains a beacon of Biblical education, academic excellence, character development, and faith formation.

Our journey is not merely about expanding our physical footprint but nurturing a supportive and thriving community that empowers every student who walks through our doors.

The following layouts can be used by future school boards as a roadmap for future growth. 

Please note that all images and renderings are for conceptual purposes only and may not be the final product.