Our History

Borculo Christian School: Precious Heritage – Promising Future

Borculo Christian School partners with parents, shaping young lives to reflect the beauty of Jesus, and preparing them to claim His lordship in every area of their lives. This vision is what motivated Borculo parents to invest time and money into the startup of Borculo Christian School. And this is the reason our covenant community, including people who are now grandparents and great-grandparents, has put its heart and soul into creating and sustaining our Christian school.

Fifty years ago, they had to reach deep into their storehouses of time and treasure in order to turn that vision into reality. They chose a school board and principal, built a four-classroom schoolhouse for $46,631.68, and hired 2.5 teachers. The board members took their newly hired principal around the community to visit families and recruit students, and by the first day of school, September 4, 1957, there were 97 pupils.

In 1978, the school gymnasium was built. Twenty years later, a large addition for middle school, faculty, music, science and art was added. The spirit of working together has never left the BCS community, for the sake of providing an excellent, God-glorifying, Christ-centered education to train their young people for service in God’s world.

The school was put on the map and on Moose Traxx ice cream boxes, in 1997, when teacher Sally Rhind Doebler and her fourth grade class went through the legislative process to name the white-tailed deer as Michigan’s state mammal. Today the school is known for its students’ high participation in music and sports, and for their high academic achievement, documented by MEAP scores that significantly exceed state standards.

Borculo Christian School is a member of Christian Schools International, a nonprofit organization that supports the reformational teaching of students to know God and his world and to glorify him through obedient service. State accreditation will be forthcoming in this school year.

We are thankful that God has guided our school in the past, and we pray for His continued presence in the future.