BCS Return2School Plan

Dear BCS Families, 

I thank you for your patients as we have been putting return to school roadmap and plan together. I want to thank the school board, the education committee, the implementation team, the OAISD, Ottawa County Health Department, and the EOCS administrators. Together we have been working hard at better understanding the state’s requirements to return to school safely. I want to thank you all for the prayers, letters of encouragement, and support. I am continually reminded of how blessed we are to live in a community that loves each other and is willing to pray for each other. God is good! 

Please read over the BCS road map, attached FAQ, and this email. Many important details. Know that things are regularly changing, and we may be making slight adjustments to the roadmap as needed, but we will be in communication. 

We are excited to have the students back in our school and classrooms. We are excited to see the students loving one another, lifting each other in prayer, and growing to God as a family of believers each and every day. 

The school will look different in phase 4, but I promise that with intentionality God’s word will still be taught through every subject. I promise that when students enter classrooms again, they will feel the community’s love and dedication to Christ’s faithful words. I ask that over the next few weeks, as we prepare for in-person learning, you talk with your children about God’s incredible power and how He surrounds us with His love and strength. I ask that you pray for the students, teachers, and our whole community as we prepare for another Christ-filled school year. 

The following is key items regarding if Ottawa County is in Phase 4 (current Phase)

Masks – All students PreK-8

  • All students, PreK-8, will be required to wear a mask when they enter the school building in the morning and common areas. 
  • If a student’s mask is broken, lost, or dirtied, the school will have a limited quantity of disposable level-1 grade surgical masks as backups on hand. 
  • All students will be given a lanyard with their name on it to hold their masks around their neck when they are not required to wear it. 

Preschool Classrooms 

  • 3-school and 4-school students will not be required to wear a mask at any point
  • Whoever is dropping them off will be allowed and encouraged to enter the building with their child and walk them to the classroom just like before. 
    • The adult will be required to wear a mask unless they have a medical exemption. 
    • The adult will need to sign in at the office and be screened at the office
  • For social-emotional reasons the preschool teachers will not be required to wear a mask
  • The classrooms will be fully disinfected between classes 

PreK – 5th-grade students and masks

  • All students will be required to wear a mask while in all common areas. 
    • Hallways, busses, recess, and bathrooms. 
  • Students will not be required to wear a mask in their classrooms.

6th-grade – 8th-grade students and masks

  • All students will be required to wear a mask while in the school building, this includes classrooms and common areas. 
  • Teachers will be working on getting classes outside in their cohort, where students are not required to wear a mask. Each teacher will have an area outside set up as an outdoor learning area. 
  • To achieve this, we ask if any families would be willing to let us borrow tailgate tents during the week to provide some places of shade for the students to work. 
  • We, along with many public and private schools, asked the state about middle school cohorting, here was their response.
    • Cohorting in Grades 5-8 Q: If a building is K-8 or 5-6, or otherwise serves students in grades PK-5 and 6 and higher, can the school choose to do strict cohorting and, therefore, not require facial coverings for student? A: No.

Mask Waiver

  • If a student can not medically tolerate wearing a mask, there is a form in the office that has to be filled out by your child’s medical provider. You may email the office or Chris to get an electronic copy. 
  • If a volunteer can not medically tolerate wearing a mask, there is a form in the office that has to be filled out by their medical provider. You may email the office or Chris to get an electronic copy. 

From the state in clarifying what a facial covering is

  • “Facial Coverings Q: What is the definition of a facial covering?  A: A facial covering is cloth material that covers the nose and mouth. Facial coverings may be secured to the head or simply wrapped around the lower face. They can be made of a variety of materials, such as cotton or linen, and maybe factory-made or made by hand.”


  • We will be conducting recess as we have in the past, where all students will be outside at the same time. We believe that one thing that makes BCS such a great place is that our students all get along and play together as a family. Due to this reason, students will be required to wear a mask during recess. Teachers will be working on getting all students time outside without a mask required on while in their cohort. 
  • Students will be required to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer when entering the building following a recess. 
  • All recess equipment will be sanitized following a recess. 
  • No food or drink will be allowed outside of the classroom. 


  • We will be holding outdoor chapels whenever possible. This allows for students to be spaced apart and not required to wear a mask. 
  • Parents and visitors will not be permitted to attend an indoor chapel during phase-4, due to space constraints. Parents and visitors will have a designated area for outdoor chapels.
  • We are actively seeking the ability to live stream Chapel on Friday. 


  • We will be watching and working with the Ottawa County Health Department regarding state-mandated regulations covering the number of people that can attend an indoor and outdoor gathering. 

Specials: Spanish, Technology, Art, Music, and PE  

  • PreK – 5th-grade students will be in their classroom for all specials besides PE
  • 6th-8th will have specials in the regular specials classrooms 
    • The band and choir will be held outdoors when plausible for more space, and masks will not be required outdoors. 
    • Band instruments should not be shared among students unless they are immediate family members. 


  • The common spaces and bathrooms will be cleaned regularly.
  • Middle school classrooms will be cleaned at the end of each class period.
  • Every classroom will all have hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray readily available. 

Students who are sick

  • Please keep your child/ren home if they are running a fever of 100.4 or above. 
  • Please keep them home for no less than 24 hours after their temperature has returned to normal on its own without medication. 
  • If your child/ren shows any signs of COVID-19, contact your primary care doctor. 

Parents and volunteers

  • During Phase 4, Parents and volunteers will be allowed in the school building after being screened in the office. A mask is required for all parents and volunteers unless a mask is not medically tolerated. 

Borculo Christian School Bussing

  • Students will have assigned seats on the bus
  • Students will be required to wear a mask while on the bus
  • Students will not be allowed to eat or drink on the bus 

Thank You and God Bless, 

Chris Sievers 

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