To be transparent with the BCS community, please see this page for the most up to date COVID-19 information.
As of December 1, 2021 3:00 PM
Due to the Ottawa County Department of Public Health protocols, we have the listed number of students at home in quarantine due to close contact.
Positive Cases
  • 2 – active case
Quarantine Cases
  • 5 – active student cases in quarantine
  • 0 – active teacher case in quarantine
Returned Cases

These students and teachers have tested positive for Covid-19 or have been placed in quarantine due to close contact.

  • 1 Students
  • 0 Staff Members

Isolation – the patient in isolation has tested positive for COVID-19

Quarantine – The patient has come in close contact with a positive patient.

Probable Positive – The patient has not received a Covid-19 test or has not tested positive yet. The patient lives with or spends a considerable amount of time in close contact with a positive case.

What happens when there is a positive at BCS?

  1. Mr. Sievers will receive a call from the Ottawa County Department of Public Health officials or the family regarding the positive patient.
  2. Mr. Sievers will work with the OCDPH in contacting all close contacts.
  3. All parents of a close contact at Borculo Christian School will receive a phone call from Mr. Sievers regarding the close contact.
  4. Mr. Sievers will notify the teacher and remove all students who are close contacts. 
  5. Mr. Sievers will notify the community that there has been a positive case at Borculo Christian School.
  6. The COVID-19 web page will be updated.
  7. No BCS staff member will discuss the name of the positive case.
  8. Students who are in quarantine or isolation will receive continued instruction from their teachers remotely.
    1. This will be in a variety of formats- Zoom, video lessons, and papers. Each case will be different.
    2. Teachers will work with families on a system that is best for their situation as all are unique.
  9. OCPHD will have forms for all patients in isolation and quarantine regarding protocol and when they may return to school.