4th Links

l4th Grade Educational Web Links


Tectonic Plates On the Move

Mineral identification Practice

Famous Earthquakes

Use this website to locate and learn more about famous earthquakes

Famous Volcanoes

Seismic Waves

Exploring Waves



How Does the Government Affect Me?

U.S. Agriculture

Ellis Island

Underground Railroad

Oregon Trail

St. Lawrence Seaway

City Search

Brain Pop

Time For Kids: Elections

Weekly Reader: Elections
These websites are both great for learning about the current issues facing our country and the presidential candidates.

Geography Jeopardy
Have fun playing this jeopardy game as you improve your geography and map skills.

Continents and Oceans Jeopardy
Have fun playing this jeopardy game as you learn more about the seven continents and four oceans.




AAA Math
Create and print your own flashcards and worksheets. There are also interactive flash cards, games and worksheets, as well as a homework helper!

Interactive Math:

A+ Math
Search by math topic or grade level. Interactive math practice and explanations as well as challenge games can be found on this website. Get immediate feedback when solving problems.

Really Cool Math Games
This site has lots of fun interactive math games like a math version of connect four, tessellation designs and much more!

This website has tons of interactive games all on multiplication as well as quizzes to test your fact memorization.



Whooo’s Reading

Studentreasures Book

Timeline Maker

READING COMPREHENSION PRACTICE – Sign up for free.  Read the paragraph and answer the questions.  See how well you can do.

Time Line Activity


Spelling Practice
Enter your spelling words, then choose to have the computer test you on them, teach you them, or play a game with them. You’ll have loads of fun!

Spelling Activities
This website is full of links to different websites that can help you with your spelling. It includes spelling activities and rules of the English language.




Set Game
This is a game of visual perception and logic. It is a great game that helps develop higher order thinking skills and is a lot of fun too!

Java on the Brain
This website has lots of fun, higher-order thinking games that you can play on-line such as Mastermind, Sudoku, Rubik’s cube, Fifteen Puzzle and many more. Please select carefully as all games may not be appropriate for fourth grade. Have fun!


Typing Games
This website has several fun and free typing games to help you practice and sharpen your keyboarding skills.

Dance Mat Typing
This website is great for teaching students how to use the keyboard. It walks them through four different levels of training. With its fun activities, students are motivated to learn the keys.


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