BCS Building Entrance Project

In the fall of 2014, Borculo Christian School was given a generous donation to be used for an enhanced school entrance that would provide our students and employees with a greater degree of security throughout the school day, while also giving the front of our school a higher degree of “visual appeal”. Upon investigating what could be done with the amount of money that was donated, it became obvious that more money would be necessary to complete the project in a way that would provide security and visual appeal while also “making sense” in the long run. The school’s Board of Directors provided an adhoc building committee with a vision for the project and tasked that committee of 5 individuals to come up with plans that matched the vision for the project. With a vision and a budget of $330,000 the building committee along with the help of Gen 1 Architectural Group, has created the floor plans and 3D renderings shown below. The building committee has also just recently agreed to contract with Elzinga & Volkers to manage and complete the construction work on the project during the summer of 2016.

Once initials plans were completed and the building committee was relatively comfortable that the plans would fit inside of the $330,000 budget provided by the Board of Directors, a Fundraising Committee was created and tasked with raising the funds for the project. This committee of 5 individuals currently has been able to raise $253,000 towards the entrance enhancement/remodel project! BCS has already been blown away by the generosity of the BCS community and is excited to continue raising funds for this project!

The Changes Explained

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