Empowering Students to Become Leaders

From our fourth grade classroom, students gathered 59,000 signatures on a petition and named Michigan’s state game animal—the white tail deer. They went to the state Capitol and spoke before the legislature, barely able to reach the microphone—they impacted our state. After 9/11, we asked western Michigan to begin each day with The Pledge of Allegiance. These students are empowered. Their teachers treat the students as future leaders. They work hard. They see the rewards. They enjoy the higher expectations, and know what it feels like to make an impact.

Preparing for High School

The learning accelerates in Middle School. Studies, programs and activities challenge students in preparation for their entry into High School. Our faculty understands the need to continue building on the basics as they help to identify and guide students toward developing their talents and interests. Throughout a child’s education, our emphasis is on developing the whole person—spiritually, mentally, socially and physically. With each graduation comes a sense of knowing that we have made an impact in leading our students to develop their abilities to serve Christ and others.

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