Meet the Young 5′s-4th Grade Music Teacher

About Mrs. Carla Sinnema


I grew up the oldest child of seven on a dairy farm outside Orange City, Iowa. I attended Christian schools, obtaining a degree from Dordt College. During that time I took nine years of piano lessons, eight years of organ lessons, and eight years of band.

After graduation, I taught music and band in three Christian schools in Edgerton, MN, for a year. I have also taught music and band in Christian schools in:

  • Ada, MI (K-9)
  • Hospers, IA (Instrumental Music, 5-8)
  • Minneapolis, MN (Pioneering music program at Calvin Christian satellite school)
  • Borculo Christian School (since 1997)
  • Holland, MI (K-5 for six years while teaching part-time at BCS)

I have been very involved in church ministry, helping start two churches. I believe my two greatest strengths in my pioneering efforts have been an ability to work hard, and a gift for creativity. I organized and developed music ministries in several churches. I have always had a passion for worship and celebrations. I like to write musicals for special occasions (Calvary Church anniversary, BCS 40th and 50th anniversaries, Calvary Church outdoor Christmas drama in the woods, Good Friday musicals for church, millennium musical for school, etc.). I have also taught many private piano and organ students.

My three children are Jason, Maria, and David, living in Alabama, Michigan and Illinois. My favorite place to live has been Nashville, Tennessee, where I lived for nine years.

I am very blessed to have married Dr. Don Sinnema in 2012. He recently retired after teaching theology at Trinity Christian College in Chicago for 25 years.

In my free time I like to landscape, cook, write poetry, and read theology and philosophy. I have been richly blessed by God and enjoy giving back to Him some of the gifts He has given me. I love encouraging others to explore and develop their gifts as well.