Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Borculo Christian School located?

  • Clickhere for a map to Borculo Christian School

2. How big is Borculo Christian School?

  • We are a Threeschool-8th grade school
  • Our 2013/2014 enrollment is 155 students

3. What is the student to teacher ratio?

  • We average 10 students to every teacher allowing us to accommodate for the unique learning styles of all individuals.

4. Do you have an early childhood program?

  • Yes, we offer Threeschool, Preschool, Young 5s, and Kindergarten!  We are continuing to offer Kindergarten on a three full days (M, W, F) schedule and Young 5s on two full days (T, Th) schedule.

5. What are your 2014/2015 Tuition Rates?

  • Threeschool           $690
  • 2 Day Preschool     $710
  • 3 Day Preschool     $1,060
  • Young 5’s               $2,350
  • Kindergarten          $4,490
  • 1 student                $5,750
  • 2 students              $9,515
  • 3 students              $12,040
  • 4 students              $14,350

* Call our office at 616-875-8152 to learn more about our tuition assistance program or click on the FACTS logo to fill out an application.





6. How do I enroll my child at BCS?

7. What does BCS’s academic year look like?

  • We start school in September after Labor Day and end the first week of June
  • Our school days are from 8:30am-3:45pm

8. What co-curricular classes does BCS have to offer their students?

  • Educational Technology
  • Music
  • Band (5-8)
  • Art
  • Spanish
  • PE
  • Library

9. What other bonus opportunities are available to students?

  • Daily Hot Lunch Program
  • Resource Room
  • Academically Talented
  • Swimming Lessons (2 wks for 4th grades)
  • Service Projects
  • Field Trips to Lansing (4th Grade), Washington D.C. (MS), Chicago Museum of Science & Industry (5th Grade), and many more!

10. What sports opportunities does BCS offer for middle school (6-8) students?

  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Soccer
  • Girls Soccer
  • Boys Baseball
  • Girls Softball
  • Girls Volleyball

We offer these sports as opportunities but do not always have an adequate number of students choosing to participate to be able to field a competitive team.