We moved into the Borculo area with a one year old baby and another on the way. We knew nothing of Borculo Christian School. As a former teacher, I was curious as to what Borculo Christian could offer our children in the future. To find out, I asked if I could substitute, and was given the chance in the first grade class. What I found out was that BCS met or exceeded my expectations in every way. I was surprised to find that BCS offered everything a bigger school offered: music instruction, computer education, art, hot lunch, special needs teaching, great field trips, band, an excellent staff and so much more. The thing that most impressed me was the warmth I felt and the feeling of community. The teachers truly knew their students and enjoyed their jobs. Over the years we have grown to love and appreciate the Borculo Christian School community, and feel so blessed to be a part of God’s work here. It is a joy to send our 3 boys to a place that has taught them not only the knowledge of education but also what it means to serve God in His world every day. The teachers are not just filling a position in the school, but are living out a calling that God has given them individually. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to call Borculo Christian our school.        
                                                                               ~Bryan & Jamie Lanser, parents

There are things that you learn in school that you never use again in life…and then there are things that change your life completely. Nine years ago my parents made a decision to enroll me in Borculo Christian School. My years here have helped me to know how to apply what I have learned about God into my daily life. It truly affects how I live. The Christ-centered education I received at Borculo Christian has helped me to develop and use my abilities to serve Christ and others.
                                                                                ~Kayla, recent graduate

In today’s scary world, it is so important for kids to know how to stand for something. For me that ability was nurtured at Borculo Christian School. Over the past nine years there, I have learned how to apply the word of God in my daily life. I’ve learned how to swim against the crowd when needed. I’ve also learned how to show the love of Christ through my actions in a real way. I wouldn’t change my years at Borculo Christian for anything.
                                                                                 ~Elizabeth, recent graduate

As a teacher at Borculo Christian School, I have the awesome privilege of helping nurture children through education. I have the ability to not only teach them the fundamentals of the education curriculum…but more importantly, I get to speak truth into their lives through the word of God. To watch kids blossom in mind and spirit is amazing. I encourage you to consider Borculo Christian for your precious little ones. It’s a choice you’ll never regret.
                                                                                ~Wendy Kragt, teacher